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Discovery ...

This is the single most important time we spend together. This meeting, absent from interruptions, allows us to simply discuss what you need in your new home. What are your dreams? Where do you want the home to be? How much are you comfortable in spending? How soon do you wish to move? We want to get to know you!

We will do a site inspection of your proposed homesite, or refer you to one of our local Real Estate specialist to assist you in your finding the perfect location for your new home.  Sean Dean, Herb Young, and Rocky Collette are all local professionals that will find that special location, that fits your needs.











Design ...

The Home Design step is so much easier than you may expect. We have worked diligently to make this process fun and remove the stress; we want to help you enjoy your designing experience!


We can work with your plans and designer, or schedule an appointment with our experienced Home designer, Jim Cox Designs. Jim Cox and his staff will listen to your needs and reflect the design based on your lifestyle, personal tastes, and budgetary requirements.  We will work closely with you to develop the home you've been dreaming of.   It's as easy as that!

Site Selection & Orientation ...

Your building site is absolutely essential to the design and orientation of your custom home. We will assist in taking advantage of each feature of your unique site - view, trees, light, shade, slope, drainage, etc. The marriage of the right custom home to your unique site is an exciting process and one of our strengths. This will truly make your home custom to your property.
Financing ...

It is a good idea to make your loan application at this stage of the process if you haven't already done so. Applying for financing will help you to getting preliminary approval for the amount you will be borrowing for your custom home and home site.

We can recommend mortgage companies and banks to help you with your financial needs. With interest rates at the lowest in years, now is the time to buy a home. Jefferson Bank, MG Mortgage, Sente Mortgage, and Caliber Home Loans, offer a full line of mortgage options, including VA and FHA, and the Texas Veterans Housing Assistance ( Texas Vet ) and the Green building Program. They can offer all conventional and jumbo loan programs and can help with interim construction financing. Just contact Warren McLendon at Jefferson Bank, Mike Lindeman at MG Mortgage, Todd or Leslie Weber at Sente Mortgage, or Travis Cummings at Caliber Home Loans, or visit their websites, and they can supply you with a pre-qualification work sheet to start the financing process.
Pricing and Groundbreaking ...

Now that your preliminary plans are complete, your home site has been selected, and your financing has been pre-approved, our next step is final pricing. And it is a lot easier to accomplish than you might imagine.

To determine a price, we will first develop your specifications and allowances for your home based upon your preferences and plans. These allowances are for the detail items in your home, such as tile, carpeting, brick, fixtures, appliances, etc. Allowances refer to your anticipated selections and the amount allocated in the sales price for these selections.

Now, at this time, both you and Creative Homes will have a clear understanding of what your custom home will look like, where it will be located, what amenities it will have and how much it will cost. If you are ready to move forward, we will sign the construction agreement and begin what we do best - build your home! Here is where the real fun begins as you watch the walls being erected and your new home taking shape before your very eyes!

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